What is the value to CVBs?

SYM Admin
06-08-2018 19:45

CVB Reps, see how we enhance your value to meeting professionals:

We understand the value of relationships with Destination Marketing Organizations (DMO (aka CVB)). You have expended great resources to build relationships with your clients and to offer valuable consultation regarding your properties and destinations. We ensure you continue to enhance this great asset, the relationship! Here are just a few of the ways SourceYourMeeting.com benefits you:

  • Your clients are encouraged to continue to utilize you as their primary contact;
  • One link provides your hotels with the meeting specifications, information about the client, and an "EZ" eRFI form. No more having to track versions of documents, or having to find old emails;
  • You are notified when your hotels respond, saving you valuable follow up time;
  • Manually creating spreadsheets of hotel responses for your clients is now a thing of the past because the SourceYourMeeting.com creates the report for the client so you don’t have to;
  • Exposure and Efficiency all with one application;
  • Link it to your database so the lead is in your members database; bid results, lost business, status of business and trace dates.
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