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05-24-2018 23:44

New business Opportunities: Click an "eRFI Link" from a planner for it to appear below.

  1. Click "ProjectID" to select the hotel that you will be responding on behalf of for this meeting and to access the eRFI Response Form for that meeting (Project);
  2. Once you begin an eRFI Response Form, your Lead becomes a Response (see "Responses") and will be associated with the hotel you selected.
  3. Responding on behalf of more than one hotel? 
  1. Upgrade your account to bring your hotel to life with photos, video, and tools that will appear on the planners report. Doing so also enables the eRFI Autofill functionality saving you valuable time. Make this request of your hotel Admin. (Click to identify the Admin you hotel(s))

Grid Key/Legend:

  • Active - An eRFI can stil be submitted for this lead (Hotel Response Date is still Active);
  • Inactive Hotel Response Date has expired for this lead. Go to "Home" to see the hotel responses;

If the "Hotel Response Date" expires you can email the planner to request they extend the Hotel Response Date.

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