What is the Value to Hoteliers and Global Sales Offices?

SYM Admin
06-08-2018 19:44

Hotel and Global Sales Office Benefits...we understand your pains.

  • You have expended great resources and money to build relationships with buyers and you don't want software to replace that;
  • You receive far too many unqualified leads and lead-spam;
  • You don’t want to pay just to be “considered”;
  • You don’t want to respond to the same lead in multiple formats on multiple platforms;
  • You don’t want to spend unnecessary time creating a proposal or contract if you aren’t on the short-list. (You wish meeting planners understood how much time it takes to respond to RFPs, create proposals, and create contracts). That’s why an eRFI is so much more effective for both sides;
  • You don't want to spend time responding to questions that aren't relevant to the short-list evaluation;

We are addressing your pains, to save you time, increase the effectiveness of your sales efforts, without increasing your costs.

  • It's all about the eRFI form! Save hours of time by navigating via a single response page ("EZ" eRFI) and a more intuitive user experience;
  • You can easily review, manage and respond to eRFIs faster than ever, and with fewer clicks;
  • Our form pre-populates your information so you don't waste time;
  • SourceYourMeeting.com users are qualified buyers;
  • You can sell to the client directly. We help you think differently so you can win the business;
  • Your Global Sales Offices and/or CVB can be notified when you respond, saving lots of phone calls;
  • EASY LEAD MANAGEMENT, communicate with prospects and integrate data with your sales force automation tools to track wins more effectively.
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