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2018-05-10 17:56

Below are important instructions and tips to get the most our of your account:

  1. An "eRFI Link" is unique to a meeting. All hotels use the same "eRFI Link" to bid on the same meeting.
  2. Never forward your user name or password to another user! You can forward an "eRFI Link" or have a co-worker go to to create their own user account. Every user of must create and user their own account.
  3. ALL hotel responses must be on the eRFI Response Form and submitted by the "Hotel Response Date" or they cannot be accepted (The planner cannot accept emailed responses). (You can offer Alternate Dates and turn down the business on the eRFI Form).
    1. This ensures all the responses for the planner are in one place, saving them hours of cutting and pasting;
    2. If the hotel does not respond on the eRFI Response Form they will not appear on the report the planner shares with their client, boss, committee or other stakeholders;
    3. If the hotel wants to respond after the Hotel Response Date expires they need to have the meeting planner "Extend the Hotel Response Date" in their portal to re-enable the response form;
    4. Please indicate the email address of who referred you (CVB, NSO, etc) in Section 2 of the eRFI Form so they receive notification you've submitted your eRFI.
  4. Turn-down the business: Hoteliers complete the mandatory fields on the eRFI Form and select "NO" next to each Preferred Date Option in Section 4 of the eRFI. Regardless of whether you have availability still respond on the eRFI Form.
    1. If you do not respond on the eRFI Response Form you are left off reports the planner uses when considering future bookings (not to mention that even a No response gets marketing value by presenting the hotel to a client for future consideration);
    2. When you turn business down we encourage hotels to propose alternate dates on the eRFI Response Form. We help our planner users understand the value of considering alternate dates but more importantly it increases the chance that your hotel(s) could win the business.

What do I do if I'm the Hotel:

  1. Sales person responding for my own hotel - log in with your own email address and also enter your own contact information and email address in Section 1 of the eRFI Form.
  2. Representative responding on behalf of one or multiple hotels (Ex. A regional rep or sales assistant completing the form on behalf of a local or on-property sales person) - you log into using your own email address however, you enter the local/on-property sales persons contact information and email address in Section 1 of the eRFI Form. Tip: add YOUR email address to the CVB Contact Email field Section 2 of the eRFI Form (just put a comma between the CVB Reps email address and yours. Do this so you both receive a copy of the eRFI submission;
    • Responding to the same meeting for multiple hotels - be sure to Log out of the system after you submit the eRFI Form for each property (Each time you log in must still use YOUR OWN email address, noting that Section 1 of the eRFI is where you enter the local/on-property sales contacts info)
  3. Use the Tab key on your keyboard to navigate from field to field.
  4. Before you get started:
    1. Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome preferred;
    2. Be sure your Browser cache has been cleared recently. Here are instructions:
    3. Expand your Internet Browser to full screen and set Zoom on the View menu to 100%.

Additional Important Info:

  1. Click an "eRFI Link" from a planner to link a Lead to your account, view the meeting specs, and respond on the eRFI Response Form;
  2. "Leads/Opportunities" shows all the Leads you linked to your account;
  3. "Responses" is where submitted or partially completed eRFIs are displayed;
  4. eRFIs submitted for a hotel are viewable by all hotel Users associated with that hotel;
  5. Represent more than one hotel? Go to "My Hotels" to associate with more than one Hotel so you can submit an eRFI for multiple hotels for the same meeting

Understand the difference betwee Your Admin User and other Users:

  1. Upgraded accoutns gain more exposure to planners and to functionality to increase sales effectiveness.
  2. Admins can Upgrade their Hotel/CVB account (Email us to get volume discount for upgrading multiple hotels);
  3. Admins with an Upgraded account can build a "Promote Your Hotel" (Hoteliers) or "Promote Your City" (CVBs) that brings your hotel and city to life and makes it easy for Planners to view key Group related sales content;
  4. When you upgrade a Hotel/CVB account, All Users for that Hotel/CVB are upgraded simultaneously;
  5. The first user to log in for a hotel or CVB is the "Admin" for that hotel or CVB;
  6. Admins can assign additional Admins within "Manage Hotel Users". (There can be multiple Admins for each Hotel);
  7. Admins receive notifications when a User registers to submit eRFIs on behalf of their hotel;
  8. Admins can activate or deactive User accounts for their hotel or CVB;
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