The value of to you and your hotels

SYM Admin
05-02-2018 18:44

A.      Why does resonate with hoteliers:

  • Our eRFI Response Form takes just minutes to complete (unlike eRFP sites which can take over an hour to respond). Our eRFI is consistent, pre-populates redundant information, and requires only key information that a planner needs to get to the short-list;
  • We DO NOT add to the distribution channel costs for the hotels because we aren’t paid commissions or transaction fees;
  • Planners who use have easy to use tools that allow them to keep you in the loop regarding changes or decisions that are made;


B.      How does benefit you, the CVB/DMO and NSO?

  1. We promote our Users utilizing the valuable resources of a CVB/DMO & NSO;
  2. We promote that our Users distribute their Meeting Resume to you first. We feel that you are a valuable resource for eliminating the Lead-SPAM issues hotels are experiencing;
  3. Our Users are provided with a Meeting Resume Template to help ensure the specs you get are complete and clear. (See a sample);
  4. Bidding on a planners Meeting Resume doesn’t cost you or your hotels anything;
  5. Check out this 1-Minute Intro at
  6. SYM hosts webcasts for you, our CVB and Hotel NSO Contacts, to provide you guidance and with usability tips at no cost (See


C.      What is the value proposition to a Meeting Planners and their organization?

  • One of the key differentiators for is that our Users can still work with their valued CVB & NSO reps and we promote you as the preferred work-flow;
  • Planners get an easy to learn application that provides an instant online hotel response comparison grid with 1-click export to Excel, reducing email clutter and hours of cutting and pasting associated with creating reports for their stakeholders. It takes less than 30 minutes to learn how to use and it's an Ad-free portal so there are no distractions. It takes less than 5 minutes to you the lead;
  • The eRFI Response Form allows hoteliers to respond quicker;
  • Most companies looking to become more efficient. is an easy to use portal to manage the RFP process for all their meetings that costs just a few dollars per meeting. An organization subscribes for as low as $399/year and their entire team can use the application at no additional cost;
  • They can share their results with their co-workers. The entire team can use the same portal so all meeting procurement data is kept in one place (And if they use a third-party for one or more of their meetings they can have that third party use the application as well). This ensures that if they have staff or consultant turnover in their department they don't lose the data and work that had been done;
  • Easy to communicate status updates and decisions with you, their valued suppliers;
  • We provide them with a Meeting Resume Template to improve the communication of their needs and expectations to you. (See a sample);
  • Any hotel in the world can bid, at no cost to them;
  • com does imposed algorithms to display results based on how much a hotel pays in advertising or positioning. Therefore, planners can trust that the data that is displaying is verbatim from the hotels and they control the sorts and filtering;
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