Why did you create SourceYourMeeting.com?

Peter Hanley
11-26-2017 19:45
  1. This business process was designed because we wanted an efficient way to get availability data but it has evolved to be so much more.
  2. We have proven that there is a faster way to get to the short list. The application has been in use for over 15 years and has helped planners with over 3,500 projects/meetings through 2018 and continues to grow.
  3. Hotels receive leads from so many channels; direct, destination marketing organizations (DMO (Ex. CVB)), global sales offices (GSO), representation companies, and third party sourcing companies. But they are asked to provide too much detail in their responses, proposals and contracts which slows down their ability to respond. 

    Planners developed SourceYourMeeting.com as we understood what planners and hotels want to achieve. We stayed laser focused with a technology solution to this specific problem.

    The old way was to ask for too much information up front because we didn't expect instant responses. That isn’t how people work today, everyone wants instant responses.

    Consider more hotels in less time by eliminating unnecessary phone calls and emails from CVB, National Sales and hotels sales people checking to see if you received their bid. Phone and email should be for consultative communication and relationship building.
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