Excel: Switch (transpose) columns and rows / Paste Special

SYM Admin
05-16-2018 15:10

If data is entered in columns or rows, but you want to rearrange that data into rows or columns instead, you can quickly transpose the data from one to the other.


  1. Before getting started we recommend doing a filter or sort on the SYM Online Grid before exporting to Excel.
  2. Transpose:
    • CTRL+SHIFT+SPACEBAR to select all the date in that worksheet;
    • CTRL+C;
    • Click + at the bottom to create a new tab (aka. New Sheet);
    • Right click and select the Paste Special, "Transpose" option (or pull down menu from Paste Menu);
    • Click the top left cell (Cell A1) to deselect all but that cell;
    • Double click the vertical divider line between columns A and B to widen column A to the widest text in that cell;
    • Select the columns to the right of column A that contain data;
    • Click and drag the vertical divider line between Column B & C and drag until you like the width of all the columns;
    • Click "Center Text" icon to Center the Data in all those columns;
    • If you want more text to display in the the longer sections like "Concessions"
      • Highlight the rows and right click;
      • Format Cells, Alignment Tab, Wrap Text
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