Why is the SourceYourMeeting.com "EZ" eRFI so much more effective than other ways of sourcing your meeting?

SYM Admin
11-26-2017 19:25
  • It's easy for hotels to use so you get quicker more complete responses - Hotels are overwhelmed with duplicate RFPs, and requests for too much information before they are even short listed. They love our "EZ" eRFI form so they respond faster;
  • It's easy for the planner to use.;You can work with any hotel in the world, not just ones that pay to be part of a Preferred Supplier Network like with other systems;
  • Meeting Professionals want control of their information. You want unbiased reporting and availability information! not information that has been adjusted without it being disclosed;
  • Hotels do not want to pay just to be considered;
  • Hoteliers and Planners want to maintain their current relationships, they do not want software to replace relationships. SourceYourMeeting.com allows you to foster those relationships while eliminating the manual tasks;
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