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11-27-2017 01:37

Click the "eRFI Link" received from the planner now, to respond to the Lead.

  • "Leads/Opportunities" - to bid on a meeting for the first time (Oppportunities only appear when you you click an "eRFI Link" sent to you by a planner for that meeting);
  • "Responses" - view eRFIs you've submitted or that are partially completed;
  • "Manage Hotel Users" - change the status of a user or disable sales contacts no longer associated with your hotel;
  • Below are the Admin(s) as well as any other sales contacts associated with each hotel;
  • "Promote Your Hotel(s)" - Admins of a Hotel account can Upgrade (or Renew). Upgrade now to promote your hotel to the planners. Extra touches make all the difference; photos, video and useful information for the planner brings you and your hotel to life. Upgrading profides you with enhancements to increase the likelihood you will win the business. Contact your Hotel Admin to request an upgrade (Click here to see the benefits of an Upgraded account).

Attract more business by upgrading your account. Bring your hotel to life with photos, meeting space details, attachements, video, and tools, that will appear directly on the planners availability report. Doing so also enables the eRFI Autofill functionality saving you valuable time. Click the Hotel Admin below to email a request for an upgrade. ALL Users associated with the account that was upgraded get access to all the upgrade enhacements.

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