What should I do with the Excel version of the eRFI submission (Excel Tips)?

SYM Admin
05-16-2018 15:02

The Excel option allows you to import your responses into your sales system or CRM. Of course you can always print the pdf version as well.

 Below are a few easy key strokes using the Excel "Transpose" function if you prefer to print the Excel version with the columns as rows, basically "turning the data on its side". This will be an ah-ha moment for many of you who use Excel as you will use it all the time now that you've learned it.

 Open the Excel Document

  1. Simultaneously press the "CTRL"+"" keys to select all the data in that worksheet
  2. Press CTRL+C (Which copies the data to the clipboard)
  3. Click “+” at the bottom of the Worksheet to create a new tab (aka. New Sheet)
  4. Click the top left empty cell (Cell A1)
  5. Right click and select the Paste Special "Transpose" option (or choose it from the "Paste" pull down Menu)
  6. Click the top left cell (A1) to deselect all but that cell.


More Excel Formatting Tips:

 Double click on Line between A and B columns to widen column A to the widest text in that column.

  1. Select the columns to the right of column A that contain data (Columns B, C, D)
    1. Click and drag column between Column B & C and drag until you like the width of all the columns
    2. Click Center icon to Center the Data
  2. If you want more text to display in the "Tell the planner more", Benefit 1, Benefit 2, Concessions, Global Comments
    1. Highlight the rows and right click
    2. Format Cells, Alignment Tab, Wrap Text


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