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SYM Admin
11-27-2017 01:33

Responses to eRFIs you've submitted or partially completed:

  1. Click the "ProjectID & Version" to access the meeting specs (RFP) and for the eRFI Response Form;
  2. Click ProjectID to see your latest eRFI submissions (Column 3)
  3. Click Meeting Name to revise a bid or to submit another eRFI Response for multiple hotels;
  4. Click on the pdf or Excel icon to see your latest eRFI in that format (PDF only available to Upgraded Hotels)

Grid Key / Legend

  1. Active & Submitted - An eRFI has been submitted and you can still make changes until the Hotel Response Date;
  2. Active & Not Submitted – An eRFI has NOT been submitted yet. It's still active and you can respond up until the Hotel Response Date expires;
  3. Inactive & Submitted – An eRFI was submitted and you can no longer submit revisions;
  4. Inactive & Not Submitted - You did NOT respond to this lead and response date has passed. You can email the client to request they Extend the Hotel Response Date so you can still respond;


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