Email Template Planners send To Hoteliers, CVB, and NSO contacts

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05-09-2018 23:09

Meeting Professionals use this language to send their new business opportunities to national sales, CVB, and hotel contacts.

We highly recommend that when Meeting Professionals send the "eRFI Link" for their meeting to Hotels, CVB, and NSO contacts that they provide a detailed email that answers the hoteliers initial sales questions quickly. Below is a template we recomend.

Below is a sample email for wich you can cut an paste or if you use MS Outlook you can click the link at the bottom of this email and it will provide you with the template in an email already.

Next, replace the VARIABLES (words in ALL CAPS) …but keep the format because consistency in the Subject increases hotel response rates!  Enter the email address(es) of your CVB & National Sales contacts in the “To” field of your email (You can find CVB reps at, then send it off.

Below are the contents of the suggested email Template:


SUBJECT: New business from YOUR ORGANIZATION (ProjectID #####). eRFI responses will be accepted through DAY, DATE, TIME (EST)


All responses must be submitted using the “eRFI Link” below. By doing so I will be able to view your responses instantly so I appreciate your support. Instructions for responding to the meeting specifications are explained at the bottom of this email. Here is a summary of the meeting:

  • Rooms Peak Night: ####
  • Considering the following cities (In priority order):
    • Country, State/Province,  City
    • Country, State/Province,  City  

All questions should be directed to YOUR NAME at . Thank you for your consideration!!

Instructions for National Sales Offices & Convention Bureaus (CVB / DMO):

  1. Review the meeting specifications:
    • Click the “eRFI Link” and Login to access the meeting specifications and eRFI Response Form (No cost to you CVB/NSO or the hotel).
  2. IMPORTANT: Cut and paste the “Instructions for Hotel Sales Contact” below (including the “eRFI Link”) into your sales system and send it to all the properties best suited for this program:
    • Hotels MUST respond using the “eRFI Link” by the Hotel Response Date provided (No emailed proposals will be accepted).
    • Hotels should respond even if they cannot accommodate the program (They can turn-down the business and offer alternate dates on the eRFI Response Form).
    • Instruct the hotelier to select you in the “Who sent you this Lead?” section of the eRFI so they receive notification you’ve submitted your eRFI.
  3. Very helpful targeted instructions are on each page of the system and you can also visit

Instructions for Hotel Sales Contact

  1. Review the meeting specifications
    1. Click the “eRFI Link” below to Login (New Users can create a new account at no cost to you or your hotel);
    2. Review the meeting specifications then check availability.
  2. Respond on the EZ eRFI by the response date provided; even if you do not have availability. (You can offer Alternate Dates and turn down the business on the eRFI).
    • Please indicate the person who referred you (CVB, NSO, etc) in the “Who sent you this Lead?” section of the eRFI so they receive notification you’ve submitted your eRFI.
  3. If you are completing the eRFI on behalf of another hotelier still login as yourself (Never share users names or passwords with other users). Though you will be the one filling out the eRFI you can identify the Sales Person you are responding on behalf of on the eRFI.
  4. Very helpful targeted instructions are on each page of the system and you can also visit  

”eRFI Link GOES HERE” and access to the Meeting Specifications:

Meeting Planner…Please paste your “eRFI Link” above and keep it highlighed in Green for distribution (“eRFI Link” is provided to you upon submitting the “Create New Project” form in your Planner account).


Click to open the Microsoft Outlook template (.oft) here (Updated May 8, 2018).  This is an email template, each time you open it a new email is created. We update this periodically so check back to download a newer copy with the latest updates and tips.

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