Upgrade Your Hotel(s) to Increase exposure to planners and close more business

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05-31-2018 15:52

Promote Your Hotel(s) - Admins of a Hotel account can Upgrade (or Renew) to Promote your hotel to planners. Extra touches make all the difference;  photos, video, meeting space diagrams, and useful Group related information for the planner brings you and your hotel to life. It will then be one-click accessible to the meeting planners on their reports. Upgrading provides you with enhancements to increase the likelihood you will win the business. Contact your Hotel Admin to request an upgrade (You can identify the Admin for your hotel on your Home page once you log in at Hotel.SourceYourMeeting.com.

  1. Click to see the benefits of upgrading, or visit your "Why Upgrade" page after you login.
  2. Click Here to see a SAMPLE Published Promote Your Hotel page.

How to Upgrade Your Hotel:

  • Hotel Admin: Click "Promote Your Hotel" (left Nav bar) and complete the web page template with the information Planners need. This info will be linked to Meeting Planner reports about your hotel.
  • Note: Since your marketing staff might have more experience with the hotel branding requirements some hotels have had their Marketing Manager create their own "Hotelier" account at Hotel.SourceYourMeeting.com. Once the Marketing Manager has a Hotelier account the current Hotel Admin navigates to their "Manage My Users" page to upgrades the Marketing Manager to also be an Admin . This enables the marketing person to create and design the "Promote Your Hotel" page.
  • NOT the Hotel Admin? Contact your hotel's SourceYourMeeting.com Admin User and ask them to Upgrade from the Home page in your account and provide them with these instructions. 

To publish your site have the Admin complete the "Promote Your Hotel" Template from within their account. Here is a summary of each section:

  1. Hotel section:
    • Sell to the Planner in the Hotel section – tell the planner why they should select your hotel for their meetings;
    • Describe what differentiates your hotel from others;
    • Use bullets and concise statements to describe your hotel;
    • Include links to your hotel’s website and Group related pages.
  2. Documents section: Upload documents that would best promote your property to the Planner, e.g., Catering Menus, Meeting Room Layouts/Diagrams, A/V Lists, etc.
    1. Choose Documents to Upload… to select the photo from your directory;
    2. Enter the user friendly Title of the document in the Document Title field (This is what will display to the planner);
    3. Click Upload;
    4. Add additional documents the same way.
  3. Gallery section: Upload photos of your property so the Planner can view key aspects of the Hotel, e.g. Front Façade, Photos of room types, Reception, Main Ballroom, Grounds, Recommended Area Attractions, etc.
    1. Click "Choose Photo to Upload"… to select the photo from your directory;
    2. Enter the user friendly title of the photo in the Familiar Photo Caption field;
    3. Click Upload;
    4. Add additional photos the same way 
  4. Meeting Services section: Create a description (Service Title) for each service grouping your hotel can offer the planner and meeting attendees, e.g.
    1. Meeting Rooms: provide name, sq ft, room configurations;
    2. Transportation Options;
    3. Vendors: A/V, Photographers, Transportation Providers, etc.
    4. Restaurants: on-property and/or off-property;
    5. Under each Service Title, describe the service and sell the service to the planner. Be creative - use eye-catching fonts, cut/paste links to services on your website, describe how your service is different/better than other hotels, etc.
  5.  Locator Map section: Click the Location Map Button and enter your hotel address to include a detailed Google map of the property location;
  6.  Upgrade Hotel section: Click "Upgrade Now" to Publish it for the Meeting Planners to see. Complete the preferred payment option (credit card or check) and required information to publish;
  7. Publish your "Promote Your Hotel" page section: Click the "What Planners See" link (URK) on the Hotel Page of your Promote Your Hotel Template to see what the Planners will view on your page. It can be useful to have this page open on a separate window while you are designing your page to you can regularly refresh the page and see what your edits look like;
  8. AutoFill section: Review/Complete the fields shown as these will AutoFill on each eRFI response form, when your hotel has an Upgraded Account with SourceYourMeeting.com, saving you lots of time;
  9. Additional Benefits of an Upgraded Account:
    • PDF of eRFI Form: As an Upgraded Hotel Account User, you can download a PDF of your eRFI Response Form for presentation or to share with your colleagues/clients.

Upgrade Now and Start Promoting Your Property to All SourceYourMeeting.com Planners!

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