Announces Upgraded Platform for Hotels, CVBs, and NSOs.

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07-30-2018 19:12

About (SYM): launched the first eRFI Response Form in 1997 which revolutionized the RFP process for hoteliers as well as Meeting Professionals. We reduced hotel response rates to under 8 minutes and provided significant business process efficiencies to the meetings industry.

In 2010 SYM launched a new SaaS based platform and has continued to modernize the industry, choosing to avoid the path of other products that require you to make a choice between their system and your relationships. promotes you working with the consultative relationships and experts at any hotel, Convention & Visitors Bureau (CVB) or Hotel National/Global Sales Office (NSO/GSO).

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On May 02, 2018 released an upgraded Hotelier and CVB platform providing incredible control and opportunities for hoteliers and CVB Reps  to provide meeting professionals with the information they need to make informed decisions.

Here are just some of the enhancements (Click to compare account options):

  1. Hotels Bid for FREE - Hotels still Bid for Free (No Commission paid to SYM) with the added option to Upgrade their account for additional functionality;
  2. NEW eRFI Response Form - allowing hoteliers to respond even faster! Hoteliers can save their work as they go, format content, and can even update previously submitted responses (versioning). They can also now view/save/print their eRFI response in PDF format;
  3. NEW Hotelier Portal - makes hoteliers more efficient! Share eRFI responses with colleagues, link the eRFI to their own hotel systems to eliminate duplicate data entry. Upgrade their hotel(s) account to bring their hotel to life by providing planners with one-click access to meeting services, photos, videos, an interactive Google Map of the property, and more. NSO reps can work more closely with their hotels as well;
    • Unlimited Users – When  hotels upgrade their account, all their hotel users are Upgraded simultaneously for one low annual fee;
    • Autofill – When Hoteliers respond on the eRFI their Hotel information will one-click autofill. And we've made it even easier to ensure you NSOs and CVB Reps are notified of your response as well;
    • Unlimited Reports – You can now view or print reports for any project you’ve worked on all from one location;
    • Printable PDF Reports – Now you can print copies of the eRFI Responses or save them to your own system in pdf format;
  4. NEW NSO & CVB Portals - CVB & NSO Reps can now see all their active and archived projects, eliminating the need to comb through emails. They can manage all their leads, work more efficiently, and provide planners with key destination information to compel them to select their city;
    • Response Tracking - Easily see which of your hotels have responded to RFPs in a sortable onscreen display saving CVBs and NSOs valuable follow-up time;
    • Unlimited Users – All your users at the NSO & CVB are upgraded for the one low annual fee;
  5. Upgraded Planner Reports – Planner Users now have 1-click access to hotel meeting services, photos, videos, an interactive Google Map of the hotel, city, and more right from their their availability reports (Only Upgraded Hotel Accounts display).
  6. Unlimited Email Support – Our upgraded Ticketing system provides enhanced speed and improved personal attention to any question or issue you have. We even offer tips;
  7. Upgraded Knowledgebase and Service Request Help Desk:
  • Once you log in you can upgrade your Hotel(s) or CVB. Please contact us for volume upgrades of multiple hotel(s) simultaneously.

Snack Size Video Tutorials:  Check out our quick tutorials for an overview of and to learn how to create your account and respond to your first eRFI.

VERY IMPORTANT: Never forward your user name or password to another user! You can forward and "eRFI Link" or have a co-worker go to to create and use their own user account. Every user of must create and user their own account. (Important Tips)

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