CVB's Inviting their Hotels to Register

Peter Hanley
08-06-2018 18:31

SYM ( is the only procurement and RFP management application that advocates for planners to send all their RFPs to the CVB first. To support this, through August 31, 2018, registered CVBs get an Upgraded account to "Promote Your City" at 50% Off ($174 savings) and they can offer their hotels an opportunity to save 50% ($414 savings) on an upgraded hotel account too.

CVBs just login to their CVB Account and click the “UPGRADE (50% Off)" to upgrade their CVB's account, and inform their hoteliers to go to to do the same.

Sample Email To Your Hoteliers:

Dear Hotelier: has launched a new portal click to make sure you are registered in the new portal. All hoteliers register for free and can bid on meetings for free too (Hotelier and CVB Overview of

Though you might find the free account suitable for your needs SYM has enabled our hotels to qualify for 50% Off an Upgraded Hotel Account through August 31, 2018.  Just go to, log in (or create your user account if you haven’t done so already) and you will see that your Upgrade button now says “UPGRADE (50% Off)”. Do this by August 31, 2018. Here is a quick link so you can compare the benefits of an Upgraded Account.

Learn more by calling 703-778-9001 x101 or watch one of these quick snack sized videos.

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